Stormy Weather

This is a photo of the Herndon Fortnightly Library in Herndon, VA right before a storm moved in. Storms bring rain, lightening and thunder to our lives. We stop to take shelter, watch, listen and absorb the majesty as it draws closer to us. For that brief moment in time, we are reminded of how vulnerable and fragile we are. However, even at its strongest moment, we are given an opportunity to see our world in a different, sometimes golden, light.

“There is peace even in the storm” – Vincent van Gogh

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2 thoughts on “Stormy Weather”

  1. I have a relative who becomes fearful with the approach of storms, and even more so when that storm is upon her with all its “fury.” She shakes her head at me when I, on the other hand, enjoy the approach and, from the safety of a porch, for example, have the the opportunity to marvel at the power of Mother Nature up close — the wind, the lightening, the torrential rains. In the tropics, this is particularly spectacular.


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