Neighbors Helping Neighbors

My wife and I actively support the Herndon Village Network here in Herndon, VA. I can’t recall how long we have been working with them, but it has been several years. They are an amazing group of people that provide a much needed, and often overlooked, service to the community. HVN drivers provide essential services, including:

  • Private transportation to “must do” doctor appointments, pharmacies, and grocery stores; and
  • Pickup and delivery of ordered prescriptions and groceries, so that senior citizens do not have to go into stores.

Most of all, drivers give of their time in a kind and supportive manner. The gift of a ride helps senior citizens maintain established routines and connections, which results in a higher quality of life— something even more important during these challenging times.

At the beginning of the pandemic, HVN rolled out its new emergency food program. Now in its eighth month, the program continues to provide additional food security and community connection for participating senior citizens at Herndon Harbor House and Kendrick Court Apartments. HVN has provided senior citizens with four large deliveries of emergency food and related items in bright yellow bags. Groceries provided variously include shelf-stable drinks, oatmeal, fruit, soup, macaroni and cheese, cheese and peanut butter crackers, pudding, jello, toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, handmade face masks, and more.

At various times throughout the pandemic, our front porch looked like an Amazon warehouse. Not being able to go to Costco or grocery stores, we were often left ordering groceries online and breaking them up and packing the emergency food bags in our living room. If you think you felt isolated last year, many senior citizens said that the delivery of these bags made them feel “seen” or “remembered”. As challenging as our own lives had become, to include having my two college students stuck at home, knowing that we could make someone feel “remembered” was enough to keep us going.

HVN will be holding a free shred event in Herndon this weekend, May 8, between 10:00 and 12:30 AM at the Herndon Senior Center, 873 Grace St. If you have sensitive material you need to dispose of, they will accept up to three boxes at no charge. For more information, click here.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”  – Oscar Wilde

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