One of my favorite things to photograph are people. Whether it is a headshot, a family portrait, a senior picture or people being themselves at events or productions, each situation presents both challenges and opportunities. It is an incredible, and humbling, opportunity as a photographer when someone trusts you to take their photograph.

©2019 Robert R. Maxwell

I have attended in-person classes with some great photographers, such as David Hobby (a thoughtful gift from my dear wife) and Scott Kelby, as well as numerous classes through our local community college and adult education. While I feel very fortunate to have had these learning opportunities, I am still learning, and will always be learning, how to take something from average to great. This is what makes photography fun.

©2019 Robert R. Maxwell

At the end of the day, nothing replaces practice and making lots of mistakes. You don’t need fancy gear or software to make great images. If you take your time to learn how to use the gear you have, you won’t need to invest your hard earned money into fancy software that promises to make you a better photographer (spoiler alert – it won’t).

©2019 Robert R. Maxwell

Take lots of pictures of what you love and who you love. Don’t let the opportunity pass to create memories for yourself and those you care about. Most of all, have fun making mistakes and learning new things. After all, that is what life is all about!

“A lot of my best pictures are mistakes and I’ll fully own up to it. Not a mistake — just something that wasn’t what I planned.” – David Hobby

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