Even at the highest elevations, in the middle of thick forests, a melting glacier can provide the most magnificent and unexpected sighting of a waterfall. Between early summer and fall, the glaciers formed on the mountain are the source for these powerful falls. When you …

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The Mountain

Mount Rainier 1995

Mount Rainier holds a special place my heart. I discovered the Pacific Northwest when traveling on business there in the early 1990’s. I remember thinking “why hasn’t anyone ever told me about this place?”. I fell in love with the endless wilderness that defines the …

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Heaven on Earth

These photos were taken in the North Cascades in 1996, back in my film days, during one of our Washington State hiking vacations. We loved the steep mountain trails zigzagging through the rough terrain, incredible waterfalls, hiking across some of the 300 glaciers above tree-line …

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