Skull Creek

Sitting right at the edge of Port Royal Sound in Hilton Head, Hudson’s Seafood House may be one of the best seafood restaurants on the east coast. Having eaten fresh seafood from sea to shining sea, Hudsons is a standout that is hard to beat. …

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Negative Space

How many times have you heard someone say “the less said, the better”? Well, I can’t think of a better way to describe the use of negative space in photography. Placing negative space around your subject is an excellent way to draw the eye to …

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Rule of Thirds

Another rule of photographic composition is the rule of thirds. This rule is well known by most people that enjoy photography, however it is also one of the rules that has the most impact on your shots. This rule can take you from “taking snapshots” …

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Sea Calm

How still,How strangely stillThe water is today.It is not goodFor waterTo be so still that way. – Langston Hughes, circa 1932 I am neither a poet, nor a poetry scholar. I am simply an admirer of the stillness it demands of the reader or listener. …

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Best of Times

Just the other day, my daughters told me that one of their favorite memories was paddle boarding on the marsh at Hilton Head Island back in 2014. Being out by themselves, accompanied only by the dolphins and birds, got them as close to nature as …

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Quiet Time

seagull hilton head island

One of the things I love about nature and landscape photography is finding that quiet spot in the woods, at the beach or on a mountaintop. As far back as high school, I remember making time to grab my camera and heading out for a …

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Day is Done

Hilton Head South Carolina

Standing near the edge of the water in the marsh, sunset is my favorite time to watch the boats pulling in at Shelter Cove. It is the most peaceful time of the day. “The day is done, and the darknessFalls from the wings of Night,As …

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Hilton Head Island 2020

The wonderful thing about visiting Hilton Head during the winter months is that you have the entire beach to yourself. In many ways, you have much of the island to yourself. While the water is too cold to put more that your foot in, you …

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Say Cheese!

vulture hilton head island

After I took this photograph, and looked at it closely on my camera, I realized that this surly fellow was looking right at me. I’m sure he was just smiling for the camera. “Don’t play dead with a vulture. That’s exactly what they want.” – …

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Below the Mist

One winter morning, we found the entire beach overcome with fog. Also known as sea fog, it forms when warm, moist air moves over colder water and cools to its dew point temperature,┬ácausing┬áthe air to saturate. It made for an unusual, but beautiful, morning walk …

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