No. Your calendar is correct. It’s not Fathers Day. It is, however, my birthday. My lovely wife has filled me with Pakistani food and a glass of cold Aslin lager. What else can anyone ask for on their birthday? She is a saint. I’m going to take a moment, or perhaps a sentimental journey, this …

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On this day, thirty years ago, a baby girl named Rachel Rothenberg was born in Racine, Wisconsin. At the time, her parents (one of which happens to be my sister) were residing in the balmy, tropical and sunny city of Madison, Wisconsin. I remember getting the call advising me that I had become an uncle …

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First Assignment

This was the picture that locked in my interest in photography. I think I was in Junior High School at the time and had just started using my grandfathers old camera, a manual Mamiya-Sekor SLR, with threaded manual lenses and a roll of Tri-X black and white film. This camera was not anywhere close to …

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Mountain Man

In 1981, when I was in high school, my graphic arts teacher took us on a photography field trip. We travelled up the mountain (Chestnut Ridge) to visit a reenactment encampment of “mountain men”. It was an interesting afternoon for photography, as there were plenty of characters to visit with, black powder rifle demonstrations and …

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Chasing Bubbles

A sunny day at Frick Park in Pittsburgh, PA in the early 2000’s. The bubble man was there and provided free entertainment for my (then) little girls. Looking back at these photographs reminds me how the simplest days can become the most memorable. You just never know until you are sitting there and it dawns …

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A Dwindled Dawn

Lowell C. Newman Uniontown High School

As some of you may know by now, I have been going through the thousands of pictures I have taken over my lifetime. This picture popped up during my journey. I met Lowell Newman when I was a junior in high school. My mother told me I should take an elective class in industrial arts, …

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1981 Uniontown Basketball Kenner Holt

Digging through some old negatives from high school, I was reminded of my time working for our school paper at Uniontown High School in Uniontown, Pa. The shot above of Kenner Holt was taken during a varsity basketball game in late 1981, the year after Uniontown had won the state championship. A legend in Uniontown, …

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On the Sidelines

1983 IUP vs Hillsdale Football

Every now and then in life, you kind of stumble into things. I took this photo in 1983 at my alma mater, Indiana Univ. of Pa. IUP was playing Hillsdale College that day. My roommate at the time was also the sports editor for The Penn, which is the campus newspaper. That gave me access …

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