A Remedy for Love

Last Saturday, I had the honor of working with (and taking photographs for) one of my favorite local charities, Food for Neighbors. My wife and I have been supporting them for the past several years and have enjoyed watching the organization grow, expand to new schools and increase the number of students receiving weekend food. FFN has so many caring volunteers that drive, sort, pack and load thousands of pounds of food several times a year. FFN makes sure these students have food to carry them through a weekend; something most of us take for granted.

I saw a quote earlier this week that reminded me of what drives people to work with organizations like FFN. Two years after he started journaling, Henry David Thoreau wrote “There is no remedy for love but love”. Years later, people are not entirely sure what he meant by this phrase, however it is thought to have reflected his conviction in the inherent goodness of people and nature. FFN is surrounded by amazing people, with an amazing and loving remedy, all based in love. FFN brings our community together, lifting up our weakest neighbors, and providing not only sustenance for their body, but also letting them know that they are loved and valued as members of our community.

I recently lost a friend – my former boss – after his long battle with cancer. Normally, obituaries direct friends to where flowers can be sent or direct them to make a memorial donation in the deceased’s name. In this particular case, the family asked that “in lieu of flowers or charitable donations that you perform a kind deed in his memory”. Like the apostle James stated, “faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

“There is no remedy for love, but love”. There are so many organizations waiting for us to do that kind deed.

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