Wine Country

In 1992, my wife and I spent our honeymoon touring Northern California. One of our first stops was a few days spent touring the Napa Valley. We stayed at the Meadowood, which is where I took a few of these photographs. Until being damaged by recent fires, the Meadowood featured a Michelin 3 star restaurant …

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Taste the High Country

In the summer of 1987, I had the opportunity to spend a week in Aspen, Colorado on business. While Aspen is known for the excellent skiing, I was impressed how the summer sunshine uncovered the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. In the 1980’s, Aspen was a small western town that was sparsely populated during the …

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The Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom may be a familiar attraction to those that frequent Disney parks. At 100 acres, it is the biggest Disney attraction in the world (The Magic Kingdom is 107 acres). Like any trip to any zoo, the level of excitement is completely dependent on the cooperation of the inhabitants. …

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Even at the highest elevations, in the middle of thick forests, a melting glacier can provide the most magnificent and unexpected sighting of a waterfall. Between early summer and fall, the glaciers formed on the mountain are the source for these powerful falls. When you are approaching these falls on the trail, the sound of …

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Meadowlark Gardens Vienna Virginia

After having played in these gardens dozens of time over the years, I think my daughters know every inch of these bridges at Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna, VA. As I sit silently in the pre-dawn darkness of the garden, I can almost hear them laughing and giggling between each other like it was 20 years …

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Evening in Paradise

Spending the night on Mt. Rainier will change the way you look at the nighttime sky forever. This photograph, taken in 1995, shows how the mountain glows as the sun sets, only to give way to the most spectacular show of stars you will ever see. The National Park lodge serves as the last semblance …

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Kölner Dom

Cologne Germany

Visiting Cologne in the early 1990’s, I was struck by the unexpected beauty of post war Germany. The Cologne Cathedral, Kölner Dom, remained standing after the rest of the city was flattened by Allied bombs in the second World War. It is said that the twin spires of the cathedral were a navigational landmark for …

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Hilton Head Island 2020

The wonderful thing about visiting Hilton Head during the winter months is that you have the entire beach to yourself. In many ways, you have much of the island to yourself. While the water is too cold to put more that your foot in, you can often have days in the 60’s or 70’s that …

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Say Cheese!

vulture hilton head island

After I took this photograph, and looked at it closely on my camera, I realized that this surly fellow was looking right at me. I’m sure he was just smiling for the camera. “Don’t play dead with a vulture. That’s exactly what they want.” – Kevin Nealon

Below the Mist

One winter morning, we found the entire beach overcome with fog. Also known as sea fog, it forms when warm, moist air moves over colder water and cools to its dew point temperature, causing the air to saturate. It made for an unusual, but beautiful, morning walk as we strolled along the foggy coastline. A single gull …

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